A better way to manage
physical and occupational services

Integrity Rehab Group is the leading provider of physical, occupational, and hand therapy management services for physicians. With proven operational, financial, and compliance solutions to maximize therapy services, combined with our Clinical Tracking Software (CTS), we deliver greater clinical control and insights while optimizing efficiency and profit potential. IRG’s management services include therapist recruitment, human resource functions, space design, equipment procurement, medical supplies, and administrative oversight. IRG has a team of highly skilled therapists and non-clinical specialists committed to high quality patient care and an optimal patient experience.

IRG is a national leader singularly focused on managing therapy programs in a physician practice setting. Our clinical and administrative expertise ensures an efficient and productive operation focused on top quality protocols and patient satisfaction. With IRG, the healthcare practice always maintains 100% ownership and 100% control of the therapy services.

Our comprehensive approach eliminates the labor intensive, administrative tasks that traditionally accompany an ancillary service, allowing physicians and administrators to focus on providing patient care and management of their core practice. Integrity Rehab Group’s attention is dedicated to your therapy services.